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photo-1I am a full time instructor working at circuits all over the UK and abroad with a lot of racing miles under my belt in both BRDC Formula Ford and the Radical race series.

My customers really like my confidence inducing style of instructing and the professional approach that I take with my work.

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  • I offer a wide range of track day services, from instruction in your own car through to an arrive and drive package in a range of Supercars.
  • If you have a loud car like a Caterham or Radical, that is not a problem thanks to my Autotel intercom system. You can still hear at 130mph in a Radical SR3!!!
  • If you want high quality tuition from a friendly and genuinely enthusiastic instructor, then you have come to the right place.
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I believe that many of the skills that I teach on the racing track can benefit drivers on the road. I‘m not encouraging driving fast or being a ‘boy racer’, but most accidents on the road and the track are caused by lack of observation, anticipation and knowledge.

I believe that I can give new and experienced drivers extra skills to help avoid these incidents and keep them safer. My aim is not just to teach drivers how to pass their test but to teach them the skills to judge the road in a better way, anticipate others more skilfully and importantly give them the knowledge of what to do if a situation arises where the car could go out of control. A few years ago when worked for bet365 which is one of the biggest bookmakers in the UK i lived in Stoke-on-Trent where is the main office. I missed a lot places where to drive as fast as you dare, like Autobahns in Germany and decided to move there for a couple of months. After that came back to United Kingdom and open my own company to teach people how to it right.

I’m big fan of Formula, here are some of the latest rules changes:

Rules Announced for 2015 Formula One Season and its All Change

In Tennis they don’t suddenly say that players must use smaller balls and bigger rackets, in international football they don’t change the size of the goals every year, and even though they invent new forms of cricket and may paint the ball white, still the stumps are the same and so are the bats.

Not so in Formula One where every year rule changes seem to make a mockery of what has happened before and all the research and development that has gone into them. Of course Formula One is all about technology, possibly even more that it is about the men who are using it. Since the early days of the sport when the drivers did not have even seat belts to keep them safe, nowadays it could be argued, an by some frequently is, that today’s drivers are little more than passengers safely cocooned in highly computerised and essentially remotely controlled cars.

Note that we do not hold with those sentiments. In reality these drivers are brave and highly athletic sportsmen operating at their in the very pinnacle of their sport. One of the best bookies where you can bet on Formula is bet 365. Find out more about bet365 online sportfogadás ultrasportsbet.com.
Next year there will be significant rule changes which include a ban of the F Duct, Movable wings that can be used to boost overtaking potential, and the re-introduction of the kinetic energy recovery system (KERS).

The rules that will undoubtedly cause the most confusion are those that relate to the movable wing. It can only be moved after two laps have been completed and it can only be enabled if the driver is at most one second behind the car in front. It must be deactivated if the driver brakes and it can only be activated at specific pre-defined parts of the track.

Another change that will have an impact on the new teams with their slower cars is the reintroduction of what was known as the 107% rule. This states that only cars that qualify within 107% of the pole sitters time may enter the race.